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Niamh Birch

Niamh’s work begins with words, thoughts, stories or objects. Overhearing fragments of chatter in the streets, an ‘ordinary’ object, a song lyric and the thoughts we encapsulate ourselves in are continuously becoming part of her mantra. Textures and bold colours are considered within domestic spaces which are filled with returning imagery – wine bottles, cat silhouettes or umbrellas to name a few. Thick luscious paint and harsh black marks are beautifully juxtaposed by the cheerful and somewhat humorous element to Niamh’s work. Her paintings reference the historical motif of the ‘still life’ whilst her technique is emotive and representative rather than precise. The work feels both precious and expressive.

Niamh Birch is currently living and working as an Artist in her hometown of North Devon, England after graduating in Contemporary Arts Practice BA(Hons) at Bath Spa University in 2019. Since graduation Niamh has partaken in group exhibitions, as well as two solo exhibitions.

Portrait by Alice Poole.