Jeannie Phan Synchronised Swimmers Print Club London Screen Print
Synchronised Swimmers Jeannie Phan Print Club London Screen Print

Jeannie Phan

Diving straight into 2019 with Jeannie Phan's Synchronised Swimmers, available now!
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Dave Buonaguidi

Dave Buonaguidi has now re-editioned his sold out 'BE BIG' in a new size and printed with a more luxurious gold!
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Polar Bear Coffee Charlotte Farmer Screen Print Print Club LondonTiger Tea Charlotte Farmer Print Club London Screen Print

Charlotte Farmer

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Jessica Albarn

Jessica has exhibited extensively and created two books.

‘Bee-headed’ and ‘The Boy in the Oak’ a dark faerie tale of which she wrote and illustrated . Currently the book has been made into a short film with work towards the feature now underway.

Jessica’s collaborations include Helmut Lang NYC for their ‘Spiderling ‘ collection.

Which took her spiders to Tokyo with a 3 day live drawing event.

Devoted to the Bee she has used her work to raise awareness and pay homage to their plight..