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"Dancing To Keith Haring’s Mixtapes In 1980’s New York" now available!
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New original maps of London screenprinted by Dave Buonaguidi, exclusive to Print Club London!
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Ben Allen

Handmade 'Mickey' screenprints, exclusively available from the Print Club London gallery
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Rosie Harbottle

Hand-finished screenprint, made by the artist during her month in residence at our Hackney studios
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Jeannie Phan Print Club London

Jeannie Phan

Jeannie Phan, a full-time freelance illustrator with a few years of experience under her belt. She’s had the pleasure of working in editorial, book, advertising and as a social media influencer.

Originally hailing from the prairies of Canada, Jeannie is now based in a home studio in Toronto’s West End. When I’m not drawing, you can catch her gardening, giving up video games or doting over my life coach Odin, the cat.