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Nina Brooke

Nina Brooke’s jewel-like paintings of the sea, beaches and shorelines capture a unique aerial perspective of the world’s most picturesque places. These vibrant birds-eye-views evoke memories and graditude of being by the ocean. Collectors from all over the world are enjoying these colourful scenes – from Cornwall to the Caribbean via Sri Lanka, France, Ibiza, Australia and the USA.

Nina grew up between the rugged North Cornwall coast and the azure tropics of The Caribbean. From both sides of the Atlantic, the rolling swell and crystal-clear bays have played a vital role in her creative development. When she’s not in Cornwall, Nina travels the world looking for inspiration. Recent projects have taken her to Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and America’s east coast – with each place providing a unique set of colours, aerial views and seascapes to inspire new work.

Nina was a keen artist at school and soon after her A Levels she was invited to show at a gallery in Cork St, London alongside two contemporary art luminaries : Lucien Freud and Howard Hodgkin. This early introduction into the high end of the art world encouraged Nina to pursue her talents further and her studies led her to Oxford Brookes and Falmouth Art School, where she started refining her style and appreciation for capturing the sea in paint. Nina also attended courses at the respected Newlyn Art School and was trained by some of Cornwall’s finest professional artists in the art of gesture, colour and textural abstraction.