Print Studio Membership

Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We have six screen beds, two t-shirt carousels, t-shirt dryer, storage facilities, a washout room and the mother of all exposure units. We supply the facilities and members supply their consumables such as ink, paper, screens, and emulsion. Emulsion can be bought at the studio at £30 per Kilo. We ask that if you have not screen-printed in the last 6 months that you complete one of our workshops before joining the studio. These are bookable from the workshop page.

Studio Membership starts from the 1st of each month. You must be confident with the entire process of screen printing and with the responsibilities of being a studio member. You must complete at least 3 days while a technician is in the studio (weekdays only) at the start of membership, these can be booked through our studio manager once you’ve paid.

You can pre-book 3 screen printing sessions a week.

A session is made up of 3 hours of booked time on a screen bed or the T-Shirt carousel. Any coating, cleaning of screens and art working can be done outside of your (3x) three-hour session. However, if you have used up your weekly sessions, any un-booked sessions that aren’t being used by other members can be used at no extra cost. We welcome you making the most of your membership and using the studios as much as is possible! All we ask is that you follow the rules. Only members are allowed and we don’t allow helpers unless they are also a member.

How It Works

Day Sessions

9-12am / 12-3pm / 3-5pm / 5-9pm / 9-12pm

We have a studio technician from 10am – 5 pm, every day of the week.



The night shift will not be connected to allocated time; we will admire your dedication, and be slightly nervous about your vampire qualities.

How much does it cost?

£100 ( including VAT ) a month gives members unlimited access to the studio and 9 hours pre-booking time per week.


Sign up for 6 consecutive months of membership and it’s £75 per month (including VAT). For more information or to arrange a chat about membership, please email [email protected]

Our Suppliers


You can purchase Aqua Art from the Print Club office. This ink has been developed by our partners SCREENTEC and is the best on the market.
Quality Colours – Fabric inks


We can print positives for you from our office. Positives are printed on Mondays + Thursdays and artwork can be emailed over to [email protected]


You purchase emulsion from the Print Club office

Screen Stretching

Screentec Print Essentials

Tuckshop London - We screenprint for you.
Tuckshop London

Screenprinting service for illustrators, designers and bands.