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Deluxe Analogue Workshop

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£160Deluxe Analogue Workshop

A 2-day intensive course into all things screenprinting. You’ll learn all the necessary advanced skills to become a proficient screenprinter.


Our Deluxe Workshop is for those of you who are looking to add screenprinting to your creative toolkit and to gain more in-depth skills.

Please only book this course if you already have a knowledge of screenprinting. If you don’t know the basic process then you will need to take part in our Beginners Workshop prior to participating in the deluxe screenprinting workshop!

This course does not include any digital element, all positives are hand made using a variety of different materials we have available for you to use.

Our Deluxe Analogue workshop is for those of you who are looking to add screen printing to your creative toolkit and experiment with creating your positives out side of the digital world. 

Over the two day course you will learn all the tricks and skills you need to start screen printing independently at a high level – and you’ll walk away with a two-colour print of your own. 

One Day One, you will learn the building blocks of artwork creation, experimenting with different ways to hand make your positives using a variety of different materials from hand cutting to drawing. No computers are involved! As well as being taught the right way to coat, expose and wash-out your screens for printing on the next day. 

One Day Two, you will learn all about the different types of inks, how to mix your ink and properly print your first layer and you’ll then print your second colour layer and then learn how to blast out your screens! 

Not only will you walk away with your own two layer screen print but you’ll also be able to join up as a member in our studio – so you’ll be able to carry on ‘pulling’ your newly found passion!

Please note- You must be over 18 years old to take part in a workshop. If you wish to enrol someone under 18 year old please contact our offices to discuss. If you have any questions about what you need to bring please contact [email protected]


As guests in our studios we recommend sanitising your hands upon entry, our studios are well ventilated and doors are always open even in winter, so do wrap up! On arrival you will be asked to sign our standard health and safety.

Workshop times: Times Vary

Location: Print Club London, Unit 3, 10-28 Millers Avenue, London, E8 2DS

£160 Deluxe Analogue Workshop

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Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st May 5 Places Remaining
Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st May
1 Adult Tickets

Lesson Plan

What to bring

An A3 sketch or design which you would like to turn into a two layered screen print.

This could be a completed design or a rough sketch which can be finished during the workshop.

You will be working in an inky studio so make sure you don’t where your Sunday best!

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Refund/Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or re-arrange your workshop you must do this 14 days prior to your workshop. Any cancellation within 14 days of your workshop may result in you not being refunded or a new space allocated. If you cannot make a workshop within 14 days of your date we will endeavour to fill your space however, a refund or date change can only be made if that space is filled. 

If it’s a group booking then we cannot guarantee that all the spaces will be sold, as we advertise each space individually. 

If you fail to turn up to a workshop you will not be refunded for that space.
We will always do our best to move you to an alternative date if plenty of notice is given so do let us know if your plans change! 
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