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Check out our 'Pride Collection' from each sale we'll donate 10% of the profits to 'Pride in London.'
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Ben Allen

Mickey is NOTHING without Minnie so, it’s only right that she joins him on our online gallery!
Minnie Mouse
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Greater Opacity

We've been working with sign painter Greater Opacity to release two brand new limited edition screen prints, exclusive to Print Club London
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Jonas Ranson

Jonas’s Work is diverse, drawn equally to abstraction, portraiture, to the world of fashion, as it is to the marginal and subversive nature of supernatural themes and its association with the more disreputable forms of popular entertainment.

The rich quality of the printed colour in contrast with what is depicted sometimes draws connotations to beauty as well as the grotesque. Fabricating hand drawn images and blueprints initially on computer, traditional ornamentation is reconfigured as templates of abstracted information. Drawing is the basis of the work, each print a different thing where an interior develops, an aesthetic idea or sensation that is intuitively led.

Appropriated photographs are taken from a variety of sources from books, magazines as well as digital sources. A dominant interest lies in the artistic momentum of filtering, leveling and balancing out the pictorial qualities of the source material. Achieved through treatment in both digital conversion and CMYK colour separation silkscreen technique.

Recent activities have included projects as diverse as Christies ‘Multiplied’ Editions fair, design collaborations with head of menswear at Versace, designer Martyn Bal, Co curator of Salon Vogue at Royal Dalston Hotel, fashion illustration for ELLE Magazine, Celestial Contrakt group show at Schwartz Gallery London which again I co-curated with Christina Mitrentse and print projects with Berlin based print Gallery RISE BERLIN.