Blue and Orange Tree

by Chris Keegan


Chris Keegan

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300mm x 300mm



Found in

Set of four (Tree Blue,Green tree purple, Tree blue and Red tree )

Each one is made up of three colour layers depicting trees, branches and leaves.

The inspiration for the prints comes from wondering through a forest, looking up and seeing the changing patterns and shapes as the different types of trees overlap and intersect with each other. Adding colours to highlight the layers and add extra contrast.

Limited edition of 50.

Artwork printed on Southbank smooth 250 gsm paper

Chris Keegan

Chris Keegan is an illustrator living and working in London.
Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art he has worked for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including the Financial Times, Time magazine, the Observer, The Guardian, Time Out, GQ Australia, Mac User and Design Week Magazine.

He has worked for a variety of trade magazines and created images and designs for many design and ad agencies including Souk, Mother London, COPA and Momentum Design.

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