Matthew Green - Donovan


by Matthew Green


Matthew Green

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Matthew Green’s print inspired by Donovan’s song ‘Catch the Wind’.

Fresh from our 2014 Blisters: Sound Sessions show, these prints are available now online and in our gallery for you to purchase!

With hundreds of music-inspired submissions sent in to Print Club HQ, we chose 40 of the most fantastic pieces to print up and exhibit at our show. Working closely with each artist to discuss artwork, paper stock and inks, this outstanding selection of prints were a huge success on the opening night.


A big thanks to our exhibiting artists and our sponsors to produce the prints at G.F Smith and Screen Tec.

Matthew Green

His signature style is often compared to wood-cut prints and etchings. Beyond this craftsmanship and at the heart of all of Matthew’s work lies an enormous sense of fun. He creates worlds and moments where fantasy can meet the most mundane; from a voyeuristic zebra who resides in an old wooden shed to a glamorous blue tit dining for one.


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