American Gods Craig Keenan Print Club London Screen PrintAmerican Gods Craig Keenan Print Club London Screen PrintAmerican Gods Craig Keenan Print Club London Screen Print

American Gods

by Craig Keenan


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American Gods – Craig Keenan

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500 x 700mm



Here at Print Club London HQ we were inundated with hundreds of submissions all themed around BOOKS! Collectively the team chose just 50 of the most impressive pieces to print and exhibit at Blisters: The Paperback Edition. All the pieces featured in the show have a close connection with the artists, they created based on their favourite childhood book, quotes or even favourite author! Blisters is a platform to give the artists and even playing field, young emerging talent exhibiting alongside established artists and illustrators such as Rob Ryan and Chris Haughton.

Craig is a London based Visual Artist from Devon, focusing predominantly on Printmaking and Photography.

Craig Keenan

Drawing on inspiration from the rural and urban aspects of life, he combines his love of photography, illustration and screen printing, to create works that focus heavily on balanced compositions, textures and colours.

“I’m a Printmaker (with a penchent for screen printing and cyanotyping) And a Photogtapher (with a propensity towards abstract imagery) One tends to inform the other.”

Please note that each of Craig’s Editioned Cyanotype prints are unique and each may vary slightly (we think that’s part of the beauty though!)



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