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Artist At Home // Craig Keenan

our latest ‘Artist At Home’ is with Craig Keenan who, not only is an amazing artist but, is one of Print Club’s screen printing tutors too! Scroll to read all about what Craig’s been getting up to…

American Gods by Craig Keenan
Artist Proofs, £150

I am a printmaker working primarily with cyanotypes – mainly photographic work and always blue! My home set up is minimal as I mostly work with a camera and laptop. I’ve made a little controlled exposure setup which allows me to print with the sun. So I’m lucky the weathers been nice since lockdown!

My style wavers between humorous to sinister, illustrative to expressionist. I have always needed variety in my work and so I do tend to swing from one thing to another depending on my mood. I used to give myself a hard time about being inconsistent but I’ve learnt that one thing informs another. I don’t get to choose, I just have to go with what is working at the time.

I’ve been working on lots of little projects!  Customising a beach hut, taking part in a couple of documentaries looking at artists in isolation. Outside of art I’ve been smashing looking after all our plants! And a number of DIY projects have been keeping me entertained.

Definitely! Although it’s more like being given time to revise old plans I’d say. I keep notes of ideas I want to work on but life gets in the way. I’ve been looking through old notes and making new work!

One of my faves has got to be Donk he’s one of those who’s not only a pleasure to be around but his work always hits the right notes with me. I very often see something he’s made and feel sad it wasn’t me. He’s got fantastic style and I dig it.

Graffiti Butterfly – Blue by Donk
Edition of 100, £100


Honestly probably work. I really enjoy the work I do – I’ve been teaching workshops at print club for nearly 8 years now!! Im actually missing the buzz of lots of people in a busy studio.