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Guest Curator // Emma Jane Palin

We’re super excited that our next Guest Curator is Emma Jane Palin (@emmajanepalin) We just know that you’ll feel inspired after taking a peek into her rented home in Margate! Filled with bohemian style, lots of colours and of course lots and lots of artwork, scroll down to have a nosey…

Blow Up by Rose Stallard
Edition of 200, £60

I’m a multi-award-winning blogger and freelance writer creating content around creativity, design, interiors and culture with a colourful twist.Based in Margate, I live in a rented maisonette apartment, aptly titled ‘The Margate Maisonette’. A mix of bohemian influences tied with a love of colour, make the home bold and different, with ‘organised clutter’ providing mementoes of travel and moments in time.

Living in a rented abode has ignited a passion for injecting my personal style onto my home. No room for magnolia walls here. Or brown carpets come to think of it. My blog aims to help those who are unsure of how to decorate in a rental property, You’re welcome.

Sure! I live in a four bed floating house. I know that sounds ridiculous but we essentially don’t have a ground floor – cars can drive underneath us. It’s split over three floors and we use two of the bedrooms as an office and a dressing room. It’s rented but because we live in Margate, it’s about half the price of a one bedroom flat in London!

I’m a minimal maximalist. I like things to be sleek and laid-back but don’t like loud patterns or lots of clashing bright colours.  I’d say that my bedroom is the perfect example of my style in motion. Joshua and I are both into mid-century furniture but I also like boho styling – our interior reflects both! It’s a little bit retro, a little bit Californian, but always design led. I like my decor to have a story.

There are loads of things in my home but I think at the moment it has to be my bed. Honestly, I spent such a long time saving up for it and as soon as I bought it, I wished I had sooner. It’s a rattan platform bed and it’s just such a statement piece.

I’ve been working on a lot of personal projects that have been in my head for years. I’m redesigning my website at the moment and I’ve also been blogging regularly. I’ve also just been enjoying the freedom of not being busy. Sometimes it’s just nice to have the chance to sit and chill.

We’re pretty sorted on most fronts in the house now, but the next thing we really need to look at is some kind of storage system for our clothes. I know that’s such a boring answer but I find clothing storage really hard – it’s all just so big and intrusive! We’ve also just purchased a new piece of art from Print Club (obviously) – it’s a little bit of an investment but as a big Doors fan, this Jim Morrison piece by David Studwell is the bomb.

Jim Morrison – Gold by David Studwell
Edition of 30, £300

I’m currently listening to Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams on Audible and it’s brilliant so far. I’ve just finished reading Hippie by Paulo Coelho which I really enjoyed and I’ve also been dipping into 2LG Studio’s new interior book ‘Making Living Lovely’ which I’d recommend for anyone into design.

I’ve always been into styling and I’ve always had an affinity to a more retro style of interior. Even when I look back to the home I was in at 18, I was constantly arranging my belongings so that they looked curated. Of course my interiors tastes have changed as I’ve matured, but I think I’ve always had a natural draw to making my home look me. I think you experiment with your style a little more when you are younger and you work out what you do and don’t like moving forward. Just like fashion I guess.

Absolutely a classic. There’s no doubt about it! Is this one a debate in the office?

I love anything by David Studwell, Dave Buonaguidi and Rose Stallard. They’re my go-to artists to check in on. These are my current faves in the new-in section though.

Let’s Go All The Way by Oli Fowler
Edition of 18, £90

Love Is Fun 1 by Dave Buonaguidi
Open Edition, £60

I swear by any recipe that Gem of The Mothercooker creates. She just has a way of pulling together simple recipes that anyone can recreate. I’m also a fan of The Green Roasting Tin cookbook – my favourite recipe from it is the roasted tomato and bay orzo with black pepper.

My favourite weekend would be spent in Margate, out of lockdown of course. We’d have breakfast at Cliffs, browse records in Transmission Records before heading into Old Town for some vintage shopping at Peony Vintage and more records at Elsewhere. We’d then head to the beach in the afternoon sun, grabbing drinks from Little Swift and fish and chips from Po Boy. Sunday would be spent in bed before heading out for a roast at New Street Bistro and wine at the George & Heart. Margate is magical in the sunshine, so I hope we get to experience it again soon.