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Artist At Home // Lucille Moore

Catch up on our latest ‘Artist At Home’ Q + A! This week we’ve been chatting to collage artist Lucille Moore, scroll down to have a read…

Flaming Hearts by Lucille Moore
Edition of 25, £95

Feeling totally grateful for my home studio right now. I worked from the kitchen table for years until I was able to commandeer a room in the house to spread out and slop paint around in. I live with my other half Toby, who has been busy working from home and our little boy Cassidy who is two.

Weeping Heart by Lucille Moore
One Off Original piece, £290 framed
This piece has been made with acrylic on cardboard collage with wire

It’s a major juggling act, raising a two year old and getting work done, and since lock down we have missed the grandparents who have over the last couple of years really assisted in helping me to have chunks of time to focus on work. So, I have to grab snippets when I can. Mostly at the weekend when Toby can take over with Cass. The rest of the time we’re busy cooking or digging in the garden which we love, or watching the birds nesting in our bird box!   

My style wavers between humorous to sinister, illustrative to expressionist. I have always needed variety in my work and so I do tend to swing from one thing to another depending on my mood. I used to give myself a hard time about being inconsistent but I’ve learnt that one thing informs another. I don’t get to choose, I just have to go with what is working at the time.

I’ve mostly been working on drawings to try and generate some new ideas for paintings and collages, and have also had the pleasure of making a couple of home icons for some very lovely clients.

Definitely, I’ve never got long in the studio so I’ve really had to temper my expectations and have started working on just drawing. I’ve been fascinated by the Wild West and the American frontier for a while now and recently started looking at photographs by Solomon D. Butcher. I love the relation between these photographs and the snapshots I get of my neighbours outside their houses every Thursday at 8pm.

Waffle House by Lucille Moore
Edition of 100, £150

Spring time means Rhubarb, and I have made ALOT of crumble. I make my topping with porridge oats and ground almonds (recipe stolen from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal) so no need to worry about the lack of flour in the shops. I stick a good chunk of grated ginger and a couple of apples in with the rhubarb. and it’s  Excellent comfort food if you’re having a wobble.

We are all missing our family and friends!

Maxine Gregson’s work is dreamy. I love the desert landscapes she uses and it takes me back to my own trip through the American desert. I have my eye on ‘Borderline’, the colour palette she uses just radiates the dry heat and dusty light that I’ll never forget.

Borderline by Maxine Gregson
Edition of 30, £90

Yes! I decided to draw a little shrine, because there is always hope. The world will look a bit different once this is all over and hopefully for the better. Within the little microcosm of our home we have done our best to focus on gratitude and appreciate every little thing.