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The Making of Rodin // Tate Modern


Last Friday, we visited the Tate Modern to see an exhibition we’re very excited about – The Ey Exhibition, The Making of Rodin.

The EY Exhibition : The Making of Rodin

Tate Modern

Until 21st November



The exhibition focuses on Rodin’s works in plaster and explores his approach to making. Inspired by a major show in 1900, the exhibition shows sculptures from throughout Rodin’s career.


We loved how they have created the sense that you are walking through  the artists studio. Throughout the main room there are several examples of the artists preliminary studies alongside enlarged final works.


We also loved discovering Rodin’s watercolours of swimming figures, a side of his work that we had now seen before, but in which he explored the fluidity of the human form as a study for his sculptures.

The shows has a strong emphasis on process and materiality which we love to see. It felt as though we had been given a sneak peak behind the scenes of the recognisable Rodin sculptures we have seen before.

Thanks for having us Tate Modern! If you like what you saw and would like to visit the exhibition in full you can book a ticket here.

Back in the gallery we’ve got lots of prints that celebrate the amazing architecture of the Tate Modern.

Tate Modern Boiler House Underway Studios Print Club London Screen Print

Tate Modern Boiler House Room by Underway Studio



Tirso-Sanchez -Tate- Modern

Southbank Power Station by Tirso Sanchez



Tate Modern by Lucille Clerc