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Eileen Agar // Whitechapel Gallery

Another scorching summer day in London and we took a trip to our neighbours at the Whitechapel Gallery to see Angel of Anarchy, an exhibition of works by Eileen Agar.


Eileen Agar

‘Angel of Anarchy’

Whitechapel Gallery

19th May – 29th August 2021


Eileen Agar was one of the most adventurous and prolific artists of her generation. Across he 70 year career her practice explored collage, painting, sculpture and photography.

Born into a wealthy family, Agar sought her artistic practice against her strict parents wishes. After being sent to England with the intention to study at academic schools she instead pursued her aspirations and enrolled at Slade School of Art in 1921. The exhibition details the variety of Eileen Agar’s practices from still life studies to sculptural figures.


Agar was fascinated with the natural world and used travel as a constant inspiration for her works. We loved the photography series of rock formations in France which was later reinterpreted as a collection of paintings.

The collages within the exhibition have been framed thoughtfully allowing you as a viewer to get up close and personal with the textural pieces. We also loved the behind the scenes displays of Agars sketchbooks and experiments.

The in depth exhibition spans over two floors of the gallery so make sure you follow the signs to view the whole collection. It’s a beautifully curated show and you also have the opportunity to view several other permanent collections at the gallery whilst you are there. Tickets for Angel of Anrachy cost £9.50 and can be booked here.


Back at Print Club HQ we take a look at some of our favourite collage works inspired by the exhibition…

The Arrival by Maxine Gregson



Morning Angel! by Ruby Kean



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Flaming Hearts by Lucille Moore