Andrew Millar-Up and AwayAndrew Millar – Up and AwayAndrew Millar-Up and Away

Up and Away

by Andrew Millar


Andrew Millar – Up and Away

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5 layer, limited edition screen print.

CMYK with additional varnish layer to highlight the red parachute.

Produced from a hand made, manipulated polaroid and transferred to a screen.

Each print is unique and may vary slightly due to the nature and process of the printing.

Andrew Millar

Andrew lives in Whitechapel, East London and (until now) only produced work using vintage Polaroid SX-70 cameras whilst exploring manual manipulation techniques using analog instant film.

Andrew uses instant film to achieve effects by manipulating the emulsion during the developing process, separating the image emulsion from the film base, double exposing the film, overlaying the transparencies or by varying the temperature and the developing time.

This technique enhances the surreal, dreamlike mood of the image and inspires us to question what is real.

The basis of Andrew’s work for Print Club originates from this same method. The manipulated polaroid is transformed into a hand finished, gold leafed, limited edition screen print.

Work by Andrew Millar

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