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Over the last few months Print Club London has been home for Francesca Tiley and Rozalina Burkova – They were our latest printerns! Spending lots of their time here producing 6 limited edition screen printed pieces exclusive to us, helping out with our studio and being a part of the Print Club team.

Print Club London has been running our very successful printern scheme for over a year now and we’ve seen some AMAZING artists, designers and illustrators through our doors such as; Rose Electra Harris, Aleesha Nandhra and Alice Kiteley! Our most recent printerns, Rozalina Burkova and Francesca Tiley have been busily working the past few months on their limited edition screen printed collection – Their time as printerns has come to an end but check out the impressive portfolio of work they created while being here. All pieces featured are available from our online gallery at really affordable prices!

Rozalina is a freelance illustrator and occasional animator based in London. Born and raised in Bulgaria she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in 2015.  

Her work is a mix of hand drawn and digital elements united with the magic of Photoshop. Her animations are 2D, jittery and really fun to make. She enjoy rich colours, imperfect lines and subjects caught in dreamy states.


Edition of 40, £60

This, Forever

Edition of 100, £50

Sextet in the Snow

Edition of 50, £80

Lounging Lady

Edition of 30, ,£100

Let’s Do This

Edition of 50, £40

Bon Voyage

Edition of 40, £60

Francesca’s work is defined by vibrant colours, decorative patterns and playful lettering. She is influenced by the naïve and expressive qualities of folk art and has a big love for anything hand made. Having recently completed her BA at Brighton University, she hopes to learn more about sign painting and other traditional crafts.

Hello You

Edition of 40, £60


Long Live Love

Edition of 40, £60


Edition of 40, £40