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Peter Schlesinger // Tristan Hoare Gallery

This weeks gallery excursion took us to Fitzrovia and the Tristan Hoare Gallery to see the work of painter and ceramicist Peter Schlesinger.

Peter Schlesinger

Tristan Hoare Gallery

Tuesday 4th May –  Wednesday 2nd July 2021

Housed within one viewing room at the intimate gallery, the exhibition showcases 9 ceramic works by Peter Schlesinger. The group of earthenware sculptures on show were created by the artists during 1992 – 2002.

Plaid, 1997 by Peter Schlesinger.

Originally studying as a painter at Slade school of art Peter Schlesinger transitioned to working with clay in the later 1980’s. His sculptural forms and experimental glazes echo the artists painterly visual language and you can see the influence of his early career on the abstract forms he creates in clay.

Examples of textures and glazes by Peter Schlesinger.

The exhibition shows a combination of traditional ceramic forms as well as more experimental and abstract vessel shapes. Due to the scale of the viewing room the pieces appear statuesque upon their plinths. This close proximity with the works also allows the viewer to see the craftsmanship and hands on process of manipulating the clay.

Flat Urn, Chinese Read and Lemons by Peter Schlesinger.

Further to the physical exhibition, Tristan Hoare have also published an online viewing platform with further works by the artists as well as behind the scenes of his New York ceramic studio. We loved finding the work of Peter Schlesinger and definitely have our eyes on a piece for the Print Club House!


Plaid Pitcher by Peter Schlesinger.

The show runs at Tristan Hoare gallery and you can book your appointment here.

Peter Schlesinger’s works are large scale, textured and organic, the perfect piece for any interior.

We’ve chosen some of own gallery artworks that would sit perfectly with his ceramic pieces.

Lemons by Peter Schlesigner. Yellow Nude by Alexandria Coe. £550


Three Quarters Mauve by Gavin Dobson, £295. Blue Veil by Peter Schlesinger.

White Bubbly by Peter Schlesigner. Blue Moon by BabyCrow £60.