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Rachel Whiteread // Gagosian

With all galleries reopening we are so pleased we managed to see an exhibition of new works by one of our favourite artists, Rachel Whiteread.

Rachel Whiteread


April 12th – June 6th 2021


The show, ‘Internal Objects’ spans the whole of the Gagosian gallery and showcases installation works as well as resin sculptures and abstract mark making works on paper. As with many of the artists previous exhibition there is a strong sense of minimalism and emphasis on minute details of each material, be it in the way the light reflects off of the curved resin sculptures or the embossed layers of cardboard.

The showstoppers of this exhibition are two full scale cabin-like structures. In contrast to previous sculptures of this kind the artists has not cast this series but instead constructed the sheds herself from found materials and covered them in white paint. The buildings are open so you can view them internally and externally. There are also objects and branches causing destruction to the pieces, showing the artists link with the natural world.

Much of Whitereads work focuses on the use of negative space to create hidden narratives and stories. Whilst none of the work in the exhibition was captioned or titled it allows the viewer to make their own interpretations of the connections between the sculptures.

Internal Objects is on show at the Gagosian until the 6th of June so don’t miss out! You can book to schedule your appointment here.

We love how Rachel Whiteread fills the space with minimal and monochrome works. We’ve chosen some of our favourite pieces from our gallery that focus on the simplicity of materials.