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Print Club London and Help Refugees are inviting you to Choose Love’, a fundraising collection produced to raise money in support of the incredible work of Help Refugees. In early 2018 our director Kate Higginson approached the charity with an idea to make screen prints using the iconic CHOOSE LOVE logo, asking artists to further contribute to a piece by hand finishing. From print making to collage and photography each artwork is a one off and completely unique in its design and available to buy. Artists to date who have worked on the project include Stanely Donwood, Quentin Jones & Noel Fielding and Anish Kapoor. The project launched with an exhibition at Somerset House on World Refugee Day 2018 and the collection has grown since, travelling to Pikes Ibiza, a second show at Somerset House and producing sell out prints for Help Refugees Choose Love pop up store.

The exclusive artworks are on sale via our website and we hope you will join us and Choose Love!

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Choose Love Somerset House


Choose Love Somerset House Exhibition 2019.

Artwork by Anish Kapoor


Print Club London have raised over £50,000 for the charity Help Refugees to date.* This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our artists using their talent to produce a one-off piece of art for our gallery and our customers who invested in the beautiful art and the cause! Here’s where your money has gone and how much of a positive impact it has had!

*Amount raised as of Sept 2019

…diapers for Lesvos. There are 8000 refugees currently living in Moria camp – which was designed for 1500 people. Help Refugees fund many of the services and support available to people living in there and the diaper programme is a big one as there are almost a thousand babies in the camp.

Refugees4Refugees on Samos

Refugee4Refugees have done incredible work and equipped thousands of people with non-food items over the past months in their distribution centre. Meanwhile all women and children have access to non food items, which consist mainly of clothes, hygiene-items and sleeping bags. In March and April, our partner organised NFI distributions for all male residents of the camp using a ticketing system. Furthermore prams were distributed for babies in their free shop and provided to different projects around the island. New arrivals get 2 sets of everything including a hygiene package, shoes and a jacket. The organisation is still only sustainable actor on the island that provides NFIs in large quantities.

People reached: 4,000

Medical care on Samos

Due to overcrowding on the island, the hospital and the doctor in the camp are overwhelmed. Therefore Help Refugees’ partner Med’equaliteam offer additional medical care. Their clinic is visited daily by 70 – 100 patients and is open 6 days a week. The clinic collaborates with and makes referrals to the hospital. Furthermore, they run medical workshops in the community centres on a weekly basis.

People reached: 600

…providing approximately 1800 food packs containing fresh veg, pulses, spices, rice and oil for unregistered new arrivals, including families, in Northern Greece.

Food on Samos 

Food is still one of the greatest challenges. The people in the Vathi camp on Samos wait in line for hours to pick up a small portion of potatoes, some bread and water. The food provided has low nutritional value and does not cover the needs. Although we are able to offer additional nutritious and healthy food together with our partners at the existing and establishing services, there is still a lack of organisations and volunteers who have the capacity to provide food.

Additional food is provided at the following projects:

We are One‘s safe space for women and babies: The team offers fruit, eggs, fresh salads and drinks for all the participants. Babies under 2 years receive bananas and other snacks. Pregnant women get some extra food, such as nuts. Each Monday, on the ‘pregnant women only’ day, a warm, nutritious meal and a fresh salad is served that is explicitly aimed at the needs of pregnant women.

Mazi Youth Centre run by Still I Rise: Breakfast and lunch is given daily as well as dinner once a week for all the students (unaccompanied children). 

Baobab Community Centre for Families: Light meals are cooked on site and available in the centre. In the last weeks they were preparing up to 250 – 300 meals a day. There is hot tea and water to drink.

Action for Education‘s Banana House: One hot and fresh meal is provided for each of the participants daily. Every month they serve around 2500 meals.

Thanks to your support, together with our partners we are currently looking into options to start providing supplementary food for babies from 6 months – 24 months. 

People reached: 1,000


Video by Adrian-Florin Ardelean


You can shop the collection of limited edition prints and unique one of artworks from our past collaborations via our gallery. 100% of the profits from the sale of these prints goes directly to support the incredible work of Help Refugees and their projects in the UK and across Europe.

Choose Love Help Refugees Print Club London Screen Print

Pikes x Silken Favours 


Dave Buonaguidi Choose Love Print Club London Screen PrintChoose Love by Dave Buonaguidi



Rose Stallard Print Club London Choose Love 2019 Help Refugees

Choose Love by Rose Stallard


Choose Love Rose Electra Harris Print Club London Help Refugees Screen Print

Choose Love by Rose Electra Harris

£650 Framed

Craig Keenan Print Club London Choose Love Digital PrintChoose Love by Craig Keenan


Choose Love Somerset House 2018

A massive thank you to all our supporters, artists and of course Katharine Hamnett and the Help Refugees team.

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