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Guest Curator with Charlie Gladstone

This Guest Curator we’re excited about, we’ve been chatting to Charlie Gladstone all about his maximalist home but also, Charlie own Glendye Cabins & Cottages (@glendyecabinsandcottages) and we’ve thrown in some gorgeous photos of the luxury accommodation which leave you longing for a long weekend away there!

Read Me by David Newton
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I am an enthusiast, an optimist, an entrepreneur and a father of six. I have started around 15 businesses including online retailers, a Scottish holiday business, a festival, a Christmas Tree Farm, shops, a pub and various cafes. I’ve written two books and I run a podcast called Mavericks where I have interviewed entertainers, MPs, makers, writers and chefs.


We moved from London to Glen Dye around 30 years ago; it was built in the early 1800s as a hunting lodge and is in a beautiful remote spot about 100 feet above a river. When we moved in it was essentially uninhabitable with no heating or electricity. It took us about a decade to renovate it but it was a brilliant place to live and to work from and especially good to bring up our children there. I believe in maximalism and in mixing old with new. I like my homes to be warm, witty and inviting and not at all precious.

My record collection. I have been obsessively collecting for nearly 50 years and now it is very large and very precious. It has brought me endless deep joy, from friendships made in record shops to endless late nights with friends to deep connections made with my wife and children through the music we love. No material objects could ever be as important to me than these slabs of vinyl.

I have my eye on auctions every day. It’s an addiction, I suppose. Next up, I hope, will be a work by David Shrigley that I have been chasing. I collect his work; it gives me endless joy and seems to be growing in value quite rapidly too. I have about a dozen pieces by him.

Adventures Of Tin Tin by Jordan Robertson
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My favourite restaurant is in the French town of Cluny in southern Burgundy. It’s called Le Cafe du Centre and it’s nothing fancy and everything I want. We are lucky enough to have a house nearby and we go there for lunch every Saturday in the summer and have done since 1998 (I know that because France won the World Cup that year and that was the first year we went). It’s always rammed, the smoking ban is thinly enforced and the beer and steak frites are perfect.

Circular Matter, Pink by Jenni Allen
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Dial ‘B’ for Blue Skies by David Newton
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Untitled 118 by Gfeller & Hellsgard
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Well I am not a natural self-promoter but my Spotify playlist Down in the Woods at Glen Dye has around 1500 amazing songs on it and I add to it regularly; several hundred people follow that and it’s the work of many years of enthusiasm. And my Mavericks Podcast has been going for about 4 years and I am actually quite proud of that.

I became pretty manic, to be honest. Mainly trying to save my businesses from disaster. We used the opportunity to rethink everything and it was both invigorating and necessary. We all worked flat out and all thrived; it was a brilliant, life-enhancing time for our key Team though not without its stresses. I just realised early on that what I could bring to our life was optimism and enthusiasm and I went for it in a big way. I also did 25 editions of my Podcast, designed a poster each day (we sold around 4000 and raised money for charity), wrote a book that will be published next spring, got madly into housework, became obsessed with the downfall of Trump, bought as many cleaning products as I could find on Amazon (special mention to my Vax carpet cleaner), bought lots of furniture and hung out with my family and new grandchild.

Join The Parade – Pink by Donk
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Normally I read a novel every week or so. The best in the last couple of years for me is Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s Fleishman is in Trouble which is not an original choice but a good one.

It is ever-changing and has evolved, particularly through my work with my business Pedlars (which I no longer own) which was well known for it’s embracing of vintage pieces from around the world. I think home style is a bit like personal style; it should constantly change.

Do to your home what makes you happy and only that; there is no such thing as good taste,
just confidence of taste.