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Artist Outlook // Natasha Searston

Another weekend has arrived which means another Artist Outlook! This time with Natasha Searston who’s limited edition art are sure to inject some colour onto your walls! Natasha has just released some new art and they’ll be a favourite with your kids with a glow in the dark layer!! Scroll down to check her work out now and read the Q + A…

Little Ocean Glow (Green) by Natasha Searston
Open Edition, £50

This piece is also available in orange here 

I live in London but I’m originally from Nottingham (ay up me duck) and although I have a degree in Illustration I spent many years working in television before coming back to art.

My work is mostly colourful and playful. In the past I used to actively avoid bright colours(!) but now I’m knees-deep into the rainbow and I’m loving it. Plants, bears, mushrooms, weird little blobs with faces… have all featured quite heavily in my prints. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to that. My main rule is if I draw something that makes me smile then it passes the test.

Most of my illustrations start out as ink drawings because I find that it helps me to relax a bit and have fun drawing without the ability to delete or undo (the perfectionist in me can be quite interfering otherwise) and when I take things into Photoshop I try to keep some of those imperfections. I also use my own painted textures and I often purposely misalign layers in my prints slightly because I like to keep that handmade feel right through.

I think we’ve all got used to taking one day at a time and not planning too far ahead but now that the days are getting longer and spring is in the air I’m definitely starting to feel more positive about 2021. And I’ve been working on lots of new designs that I’m excited to turn into prints.

Houseplant by Natasha Searston
Edition of 100, £75

Have a go! Get stuck in! Learn something new! If you’re feeling uninspired or a bit flat then I would really recommend taking a class or learning a new skill to kick-start your creativity. Especially if you spend most of your time working on a computer. It’s so satisfying to make things with your hands and get a bit messy. My other tip would be to HAVE FUN. Don’t think too hard or worry too much… just do what you enjoy. I think if you’re enjoying yourself it shows in the work.


I’ve been experimenting with phosphorescent ink in my prints recently and I’m currently working on a set of glow-in-the-dark mushroom prints that I’m quite excited about.

Rose by Natasha Searston
Edition of 100, £65

I’ve definitely learnt not to take so many things for granted but mostly I feel really fortunate in loads of ways after this past year. It goes without saying that I’m VERY grateful for Print Club’s studio and all the lovely people who print there. I also have a new appreciation for London’s green spaces. And walking. I’m really lucky to live next to an amazing park and canal. One of my favourite things these past few months has been walking everywhere with my headphones tuned into a floaty delicious playlist. When things get back to normal I’m going to try to use less public transport and keep walking.

Love Bears (Red) by Natasha Searston
Open Edition, £40

I’m looking forward to going out into the countryside again. Nature feeds into my work quite a lot too so I’ve missed that. And I’m feeling optimistic for a nice (normal-ish, hopefully) summer with friends and sunshine and beer gardens. Like ye olden times.

As the weather starts to get better I’d also really like to do some large-scale work outdoors – perhaps working on some murals this summer would be fun.