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Artist Outlook / Adam Bridgland

Each week we’ve been chatting to a different artist all about their outlook on 2021 and the future ahead! This week’s artist is Adam Bridgland! Adam has just released two BRAND NEW pieces with us which are perfect for Valentine’s day! Scroll down to read the Q + A and check out some of Adam’s amazing work!

You And Me, Me And You (Roses) 2021 by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £70

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adam lives and works as an artist in Cambridgeshire.

Whether descriptive of change or constancy, Bridgland’s work keys into our desire to remember and relive, and plays upon our tendency to elevate our shared memories with the rose-tinted, wistful spectacles we don when thinking of the past, as well as the future. His depictions of identity and belonging, nostalgia and emotion give to his work a hugely personal aspect, and are influenced by a graphic and visual tradition that is quite specific to Britain. Yet his subtle combinations of image and related text play on everyone’s perceptions of shared occasions. Perhaps then it is the delicately précised power of the experiences he attempts to capture that make Bridgland’s work so accessible to all.

Look At The Sky Because… by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 50, £95

Experiment, have fun. Now is a brilliant time to try new techniques and express yourself creatively.

A Dozen Cheap Roses, 2021 by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £70

I have launched two new works for Valentines with Print Club. One is entitled A Dozen Cheap Roses and You and I, Me and You. I am also working on pieces for my solo exhibition. It has been rescheduled twice already so I am hoping third time lucky!

I am grateful to my family and friends, as well as everyone who had responded positively to my practice this year, it has really helped. A huge positive is there has been the changes to my working practices and the good this has brought. I have been wanting to do this for some time but was too scared to previously do this.

Now I Find Poetry In The Strangest Of Places, 2020 by Adam Bridgland
Edition of 75, £70