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Artist Outlook / David Newton

We can always rely on David Newton to bring some colour, positivity and fun into our lives! We’ve been catching up with him to talk about his plans for 2021 and what he’s been creating in the studio! Scroll down to read the Q + A alongside his BRAND NEW art which has just been added to our website

A Little Bit Of Summer by David Newton
Edition of 20, £120

I recently graduated from the Children’s Picture book MA from Cambridge School of Art, so my work is heavily kid friendly, though not limited to, I hope. I write and design my own books and zines. (Each screen-print I create is a page from a book I’ve not yet had time to finish creating – Or the start of a new one!) I love exploring words and text and their counterpoint. By adding words to my screen prints I try to expand a narrative or evoke a synergy between the image text and viewer.

I don’t use a computer at all. To the point of total defiance. I like to scribble on and cut-up paper sellotape / montage to tracing paper and expose directly to a screen to screen-print. Championing the jagged ripped-up line as opposed to the sharp straight one! Colour; The more clashing the merrier!

You & Me (Space Tiger Edition) by David Newton
Edition of 50, £80

A show! Somewhere. Get all my work up on the wall to spread some sunshine positivity.
The only way is up! Right!?

S.S. Sunshine by David Newton
Edition of 50, £80

Shut your laptop! Although I originally graduated in digital art, I believe creativity is “made with your hands”. Cutting up, ripping up, sticking down and layering paper is a great starting point. When in the studio it’s easy to stick to your plan and the template you’ve already pre-made. But every now and again, I’ll step away from the plan and build a new image by “screen-print collaging”, layering up shapes and text. Even if it only ends up as experiments it will always somehow inform my work in the future… I remember after my digital degree being so deflated and uninspired. A painter told me to just start a new ‘small’ sketchbook, (cause a large one is so intimidating!), and just doodle a page a day. I find that it’s the tiniest of thumbnails I doodle in my small sketchbook which are the most exciting of ideas that I work up to a large poster size print.

Loads! I’m into party poppers and pirate ships at the moment. A ‘sun in shades’ seems to be a recurring image, so lots more sunshine imagery to come… I have just released new pieces with Print Club and I hope they bring a smile to your face!

You & Me (Orange Tiger Edition) by David Newton
Edition of 50, £80

Print Club! It’s just a short cycle away and thankfully I was still able to wheel in and get print happy… I’m also lucky enough to have a tiny garden at home, so I’m grateful for sunshine and new geeky garden-know-how. We’ve been at war with foxes all through 2020; So I’m mostly thankful for our new sensor-sprinkler that finally keeps the fox cubs out and from digging up our veg patch.

You & Me (Leopard Edition) by David Newton
Edition of 50, £80

I’m desperate to book a place at the bakery school at The Island Bakery on the Isles of Scilly to perfect my rise! I hope they start up again this summer… I’d like to get on a train again soon! I love the sleeper up to the Highlands, hiking from B&B to B&B… I go to The End of The Road Festival every year. Crossing everything that goes ahead… I’ve roughed out my next zine too and it’s set on a beach. So ‘screen-printing’ a beach is high on the agenda.