The Originals Show - Print Club London
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The Originals Show

1st- 9th August 2024

10 – 28 Millers Avenue, London E8 2DS 

Opening night: 1st August, 6 – 9pm

With a broad mixture of approach, composition and concepts our new Print Club Originals exhibition promises a showcase of unbridled painterly talent. At first seemingly uninvolved with one another each work has found a way to interact in a cohesive manner with its neighbour and with you; it’s viewer.

Featuring works by Laxmi Hussain with her stoic patterns and free flowing figurative works on paper, Gavin Dobson’s nostalgic and emotional paint work, Adam Bridgland’s wistful and abstractly delicate work and finally Alec Cumming’s observational, ‘rose-tinted’ pieces – every aspect of human emotion is brought to the surface in a playful and visually eclectic selection of art that is full of form, figure and space.

Join us for the opening evening to be the first to see the works and enjoy a selection of FREE DRINKS provided by our kind sponsors: Whitebox Cocktails, Two Tribes Brewery and INTUNE CBD Drinks.

Exhibition open 1st August 2024.

After opening night viewings are by appointment only, Monday – Friday.

Email to book an appointment.