Summer Screen Prints with Steve Wilson

Two American college students, David Kessler and Jack Goodman, backpack across the Yorkshire moors. As darkness falls, they stop for the night at a pub called “The Slaughtered Lamb”. Jack notices a five-pointed star on the wall. When he asks about it, the pubgoers stop talking and become hostile, telling them to keep to the road and beware of the full moon. The pair decide to leave, but while talking they wander off the road onto the moors.

Steve can often be found foraging through the local flea markets for obscure books and discarded paraphernalia to use as inspiration for his varied and experimental work, which he generalizes as ‘somewhere between pop and psychedelia’.

If this is your first year creating artwork for Film Four Summer Screens – what are you most looking forward to and how does it feel to be involved?

No I have participated every year so far and I really enjoy doing them.  Every year is a new film so therefore a new challenge.

Does the film carry any special meaning to you?

It’s something I watched a lot when I was younger and the pub scene has to be one of my all time favourite scenes so I have a bit of an affinity towards it.

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