Rose Electra Harris // Printern Round Up - Print Club London
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Rose Electra Harris // Printern Round Up

My time as Print Club London’s ‘Printern’ has come to an end (sob) – BUT you will be glad to know I have only good things to say about my opportunity here and I literally have no clue where I would be now if I hadn’t been offered and taken part in this incredible experience.
The possibilities at Print Club are endless and it has been and still is a fantastic team and family to be a part of.


Leaving Art School is an odd experience simply because I felt I had to make a choice whether or not I wanted and felt I could commit to dedicating my hours daily to making work and putting myself out there at a time when people have little interest in you and your ideas. So applying for this position at Print Club and getting it was the best way I can imagine of easing into the terrifying transition between art school and the real world.

I now work in the studio as a technician from 10 until 5pm every Tuesday and this is something I really love. I am fully responsible for the studios and members during this time and i’m learning something new every week. Print Club has its long term members, which again emphasises the warmth of the people that surround it. I have certain members that always are in on Tuesdays and I enjoy so much having a cuppa and a chat and seeing how their work progresses too.


Hopefully I will be here for a while and I feel very lucky to have been here at all. I have four prints available from the Print Club London gallery and my collection of limited edition screen prints will continue to grow. Keep your eyes on my artist profile or sign up to the Print Club London’s newsletter for all the latest news and print releases.