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Print Club London x Sarah’s Wardrobe

We’ve collaborated with Fashion and interior influencer Sarah Smiley. You may know Sarah from her popular Instagram fashion account @sarahsactualwardrobe but, did you know she also has an interior account too @sarahsactualhouse! We have had a little chat about all things, interior, prints and everything else in between, scroll to have a read!


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“I began my career as an artist but quickly moved over to fashion. I am a serious shopaholic who thinks in clothes. I know it sounds crazy but it’s the way I am built! Getting dressed is so fun and I think there is a lot of physcology behind it. I love to inspire women to shop and get dressed. I also work as the Boden-In-House stylist and I really love working with all the customers. My clothes obsession has now branched over to interiors, which is dangerous!”

I like to think of our home as our own world. The minute you walk through the door you leave everything behind you and you enter our bubble. There are lots of stripes! Ned and I spent a lot of time planning the space, the ground floor is an open living with large open archways separating the rooms. Our children fill the first floor and then Ned and I have a haven on the top floor, which has exposed beams and an almost lofty feel to it.

I’d say our home and styling is classic but with a twist. I always ask myself ‘Will I get bored of that?’ I apply this to clothes and interiors. I wouldn’t say that I follow trends but I nod to them. I like things with an earthy feel and an element of eccentricity.

Can I have three? The William Yeoward bench in our bathroom, which was a wedding present from my uncle. The pink chair that Ned designed in the study, I love its height and grandeur. And then the Ceraudo terracotta lamp with a Fermoie splattered lampshade on it, which sits on our kitchen island and it brings me great joy.

I have two little people, Lyon 2 and Nancy 1, a job, my own business, a husband and a house to look after, I would actually say that I am busier than pre lockdown! But I am finding the time to cook, have longer baths and generally slow down which is heaven.

Ned and I had a fairly clear picture of what we wanted – luckily, we agreed! We have definitely added things/ideas have evolved but the overall picture is what I had imagined. Ned and I did a project before, which had an industrial loft style feel to it, it was a two-bed flat with exposed steels and concrete walls. We knew that we wanted to create something that was more grown up and classic this time. We wanted to create our forever London family home.

An absolute classic. For me leopard is a neutral and goes with everything and I’m talking fashion and interiors. Always embrace the leopard!

Celine, without a doubt.

Marmite chicken – try it – a serious game changer.

I am currently readying ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and I’m gripped!

Yoghurt for face masks, vodka and Aromatherapy bath oil

Furrow by Jonathan Lawes

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1969 by Charlotte Windsor

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