Print Club London X Jeannie Phan

Dive straight into the bank holiday with our very exciting new release with illustrator Jeannie Phan! If this print doesn’t leave you longing for warmer climes we don’t know what will!

Jeannie Phan Synchronised Swimmers Print Club London Screen Print

This piece has been hand-printed in our East London studio.
Exclusively available from Print Club London

Synchronised Swimmers
Edition of 100, £130

Jeannie Phan, a full-time freelance illustrator with a few years of experience under her belt. She’s had the pleasure of working in editorial, book, advertising and as a social media influencer.

Originally hailing from the prairies of Canada, Jeannie is now based in a home studio in Toronto’s West End. When I’m not drawing, you can catch her gardening, giving up video games or doting over my life coach Odin, the cat.

Synchronised Swimmers Jeannie Phan Print Club London Screen PrintSynchronised Swimmers Jeannie Phan Print Club London Screen Print