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Niamh Birch // Print Club London

We are absolutely delighted to introduce our latest Artist in Residence, Niamh Birch! Her first collection of screenprints were created during her month in residence here at Print Club, working in our studios alongside our technicians and gallery curators.

From moments spent alfresco dining in the South of France, to late night family traditions playing Gin Rummy around the dinner table, Niamh’s work oozes with warmth and nostalgia. We adore how Niamh captures these small moments with such movement, joy, and colour.

Hear from Niamh and explore her first collection below, all available now and exclusive to Print Club London!

La Vie En Rose by Niamh Birch
Edition of 10, £150

Niamh is an Artist born in North Devon, who studied Painting in Bath and is now based in London.

“Working from a combination of memory, drawings and photographs, I depict details and objects from everyday commonalities that are often overlooked, whilst continuously observing beauty within the compositions and patterns I surround myself in. Working primarily in oil based materials and collage on canvas and paper as well as screenprinting, these subjects are illustrated in vibrant and rich colour compositions and thick textures. Aspects of my English and Irish background weave in and out of my paintings, whilst also engaging with my love for warmer climates and alfresco dining. Juxtaposed by harsh black outlines are cheerful and humorous elements, allowing the work to feel precious, yet expressive.”

Just Leave It Till The Morning by Niamh Birch
Edition of 20, £130

Gin Rummy After Dinner by Niamh Birch
Edition of 20, £50

Gin Rummy On Cookbook Pages by Niamh Birch
Each Unique, £70

A dinky albeit loud and proud ode to a favourite family pastime of playing Gin Rummy at the Dining Table. Usually after eating dinner with a glass of wine or a Whisky Mac. This versions printed onto the pages taken from an unwanted organic cook book that was left at one of those bus stop-book shops. It was the last book left and contained some quirky and bizarre recipes that I felt the need to give another life too through screenprinting.

Niamh has printed on old pages from cookery books, each print is unique with lots of different designs. Each print is picked out at random unless stated, to view variations please email

Wild Flowers On The Table by Niamh Birch
Varied Edition, £100

My usual motifs of vases, wine bottles, flowers and cutlery make an appearance collaged together on a table that is currently home in my painting studio. I place objects together like they are a balancing act – representative rather than precise, with textures made from an oil pastel finish.

These screenprints are hand-finished by the artist, due to this all prints will vary slightly, please select your chosen colour in the drop down menu.