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Johnathan Reiner // Brand new print editions

Our long time member and well-loved artist Johnathan Reiner has just released his newest screen printed works! We’ve got our hands on these beauties and wanted to share these with you!


Johnathan Reiner,  a doctor by profession, a past film editor and an illustrator/doodler by heart. Born in the West Coast of USA, grew up in Jerusalem and has lived in London but, now calls Israel his home!

“Ever since I was a kid my hand would fidget at the sight of a pen. My notebooks would fill up with random scribbles, my hand vandalising my homework leaving me speechless in front of my teachers. These compulsions were often unconscious, the creations frequently bad. Creativity kept me going and never failed to bring meaning to my relationships and my work. For years I explored pen on paper and more recently have been investigating colours, shapes, graphics and illustration through printmaking.”

Totem Atabey
Edition of 35, £395

Cosmic Gathering
Edition of 15, £595

Totem Alma
Edition of 35, £395

The Lunacy of Norma Desmond
Edition of 30, £395

Colonial Beauty – Elephant
Edition of 35, £395

Colonial Beauty – Giraffe
Edition of 35, £395