'Hung up, Ripped off' exhibition by David Shand - Print Club London
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‘Hung up, Ripped off’ exhibition by David Shand

The ‘Hung up, Ripped off’ private view by David Shand is on tonight from 6.30pm, Friday 4 March.



‘Bill Hicks famously encouraged everyone who worked in marketing and advertising to kill themselves. Reading adverts and posters on a busy train or billboard I’ve often agreed with him. But as these adverts decay and rip I find something very pleasing, both in the imagery and how they lose meaning and gain new ones. This is the inspiration for my work.’
You can see David’s distinctive paste ups adorning the streets around Finsbury Park and Stroud Green now.
The exhibition will run Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm until the 2nd April at Atom Gallery 77 Stroud Green Road London N4 3EG. 
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Images from David Shand’s Instagram.