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How To Hang Your Artwork / Top Tips!

We get lots of messages from our lovely followers asking how we’d recommend the best way to show off our artwork and the truth is, there’s no right or wrong way! Here’s some of our favourite images taken by you, hopefully these will give you some inspo and top tips for your home.

When we hang in our own gallery some of our team start centrally and work out, our director Fred likes to start with a top line on the wall and work down whilst others in our other team move left to right. We loved this image by @thesandpiperbarn and her very exact way of hanging by placing sheets on the wall prior to hanging prints, this is perfection! Especially if you like spacing to be equal between each work this technique helps.

Photos via Instagram: @sandpiperbarn

Photos via Instagram: @wonderfulhouseldn

Photos via Instagram: @________

Part of curating a wall is also thinking about how to frame the works and feature other items, like trinkets and postcards perhaps. Smaller items that force the eye to travel around the works.

‘Whilst most of us like simple black and white frames there’s always the option to go for something more bold, an antique frame or something that feels vintage. I love these frames by Etalage who sell online. Sarah (@sarahs.actualwardrobe) introduced them to me! I also adore Louise Roe (@louiseroe) for framing as she’s very particular about her framing and has great tips about where to find good ones cheaply. Boot fairs are a great place for frames as you can always get a really good bargain if you think creatively! If you can get up early Kempton and Ardingly are great Antiques/bootfairs. ‘ – Kate, Print Club Director¬†

Always wait till you’ve received your artwork before buying a frame! It can look different in person and measurements can vary by millimetres. Never order your frame before you’ve seen the artwork in your own hands!

Photos via Instagram: @__________

If you’re in a rented home or don’t fancy drilling holes in your walls to hang artwork this is the perfect solution! You can get affordable shelving and simply lean your framed pieces on there!

Ikea do some great shelves with a lip to avoid the frames sliding off!

Photo via Instagram: @e11reno

You probably spend a lot of time in your lounge and it may be the heart of your home so, you need to make it a space which reflect you and your personality! Why not, add some artwork which are talking points for examples ‘Let’s Go Get Lots Together – Cornwall by Dave Buonaguidi’ from a staycation in sunny Cornwall. Hang artwork which makes you feel happy whenever you look at it!

If you’re looking to create something unique and original what about painting a backdrop behind the frame? Select a colour which completes the art pieces to really make them pop on your wall!

Photo via Instagram: @naptimestyle

A centre piece that’s big and bold sometimes it’s the best way to go! Hang above a mantel piece, above the sofa or what about hanging it pride of place as you walk through the door!

‘Curating a wall with different pieces produced in varying mediums is a really effective way of adding depth and texture to a collection of works or a feature wall. Add in some oil paintings or collage to sit alongside a screenprint. You can pick up paintings at open studios often or via our originals page, hanging works together that feature different surface finishes adds intrigue to a wall. ‘ I often find small pencil drawings in flea markets in Spain that I frame up. We also once bought a beautiful crayon drawing whilst in Mexico and once framed up they almost come alive. Especially when the sit alongside other works, it’s like they talk to each other. ‘
Kate, Print Club Director.

It isn’t always the most obvious choice to hang art in your kid’s bedroom but, adding art to a child’s bedroom is an easy way of injecting colour and can complete a room. Also, purchasing art for the little ones will become a momento from their childhood and something they can keep with them.

Command strips are a great way to hang artwork quickly and effectively! If you can be a little indecisive these are perfect as you can take the artwork down easily without it marking the walls, so you can switch up your walls whenever you fancy! We wouldn’t recommend using command strips on heavy framed pieces as we’d hate the thought of them falling from the wall.