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Dale Hairdressing #PRINTCLUBWALLS

We love our customers tagging Print Club London in their social media posts with their purchases or when we spot a repeat customer ordering. We get such a thrill to see how different people curate our artwork in their home or workplace. We love to be nosy and check out how everyone creates their own unique style!
We noticed recently that Dale Hairdressing had been ordering a lot of screen prints and were excited to hear that he has them hung all around his salon.
He has sent us a few pics of his space and we have to say, he has great taste!
If you are inspired by Dale’s style then shop our favourite affordable screen prints below or from our online shop.
Tag us in your recent Print Club purchases on Instagram or Twitter @printclublondon #printclubwalls
Thanks for showing us around your salon Dale!
Caroline Tomlinson // Kate the Great // £65
Cassandra Yap // Femmes Et Fleurs // £150