CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS // Blisters 2023 - Print Club London
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We are delighted to say that after an unscheduled hiatus, our iconic screenprinted poster show, Blisters, is officially back. This year, it is time to play! 

Blisters: Time to Play will be full to the brim with 50 artists, each with an exclusive limited edition of screenprints, selling for the one-night-only price of £50 a print. The exhibition will kick off with an immersive opening evening at the notorious MC Motors warehouse, our neighbours in East London. 


This is the 9th Blisters show since Print Club London was founded 15 years ago, and we are sticking true to our original values. Uniquely ‘Print Club London’ in personality, Blisters is designed to showcase a curated selection of artwork from emerging to established artists on a level playing field. All artworks are handmade screenprints signed by the artist in a numbered limited edition, accessible to a wide audience at a set affordable price.

Artists we have collaborated with in the past include: Marc Quinn, Anthony Burrill, Pure Evil, Ben Eine, Dave Buonaguidi, Lucy Mahon, Luke Edward Hall, Charming Baker, Alexandria Coe, Magda Archer, Mr Bingo, and many more. 

Previous years have attracted 2000 guests on the opening night, with 1000s of artworks sold in a matter of hours. After a few years off, this year we’re coming back with a bang!  

Submissions are now open to all for our 9th edition, Blisters: Time to Play, find out more below.

What does PLAY mean to you? This could be literal; a game of chess, a tennis match, an instrument. Or figurative; a play on words, to play a joke, or to play with fire. 

From as specific as a playground swing, to as broad as playing with the concept of reality. We encourage you to think outside the box, and have a play!

Within this show we aim to celebrate the notion of play from the light-hearted to the scholarly. Physical and psychological benefits of play within children and adults are already long-proven for education, problem-solving and emotional wellbeing. In the words of the honourable David Hockney; “People tend to forget that play is serious.

Keep an eye on our socials for snippets of inspiration over the coming weeks. Have fun, and no need to play it safe!

– Submit an artwork in your own style inspired by the theme of play, whatever this means to you. The more playful, the better! 

– Your artwork submission must be COMPLETELY new and original for this project and never seen before. We will not accept submissions that are displayed anywhere else, including a personal blog or portfolio.

– Artwork specification: B2 format (500 x 700mm) but can be portrait or landscape.

– Submissions must be sent as low-res jpeg files to

The file must be saved as ‘YourName.jpeg’. You may submit as many designs as you like, but any submissions which do not meet this specification will not be put forward for review. 

– If successful, we can offer free use of our screenprinting studios to print your edition for the show (you must be a confident screenprinter to use our studios, and familiar with the entire process).

– If you aren’t a screenprinter then you will need to consider the cost of producing your artwork with a printing company. Please be aware that the more colours you choose the more expensive it will be to produce. You can speak with our sister company Tuckshop London who will be able to provide you with a quote, please email them directly on to enquire. 

Important information: We encourage all styles and mediums to submit, the more diverse the selection the better, but not all design is destined to be framed and cherished inside the home environment. When responding to the brief, please be mindful that the main objective of the poster you create is to be an artwork hung in someone’s home!

Q: I’ve never made a screenprint, can I still submit an idea?

A: Yes! We encourage all artists to submit. You can create your original design in any medium e.g. digital, painted, collage, illustration, typographic, etc. But the final limited-edition artwork for ‘Blisters: Time to Play’ must be a fully screenprinted poster! See ‘PRODUCING YOUR SCREENPRINTS’ further up this page to learn more. 

Q: If I have an existing piece of art which I think suits the brief, can I submit this?

A: The artwork for your submission should be completely original. There may be elements from previous projects but the artwork should appear to be new as a whole.

Q: Does the poster need to contain text or type?

A: No, this is up to you. “Poster” is the format size paper and the term we use to describe this. You can either:

-Create artwork that is composed of visual illustration or design

-Submit an entry composed entirely of a typographic design

-Mix the two!

Q: If I have several designs, can I submit more than one?

A: Yes, you can submit as many designs as you like! Please save the files as ‘YourName1.jpeg’, ‘YourName2.jpeg’, etc.

Q: What is the edition size?

A: All artworks will be numbered out of an edition of 100, with a minimum of 50  prints to be printed and signed for the artwork delivery deadline. The artist may choose to print the rest of the edition at a later date depending on sales demand. 

Q: Can the artist choose the price?

A: No, it is a key part of Blisters that all artworks are the same set price, this will be £50 at the physical event and £100 online thereafter for any prints remaining in the edition.

Q: How much of the profits will go to the artist?

A: It’s a 50/50 split between the artist and Print Club London. The artist will receive 50% commission as will Print Club London.

Q: What happens to prints which remain unsold?

A: All prints are sold via Print Club London on our online gallery after the show.

Q: Do they remain the property of the artist or of Print Club London?

A: They’re owned by the artist/designer, but we retain the right to be the only seller of these prints as they have been commissioned for a show we have curated.

Q: Who owns the rights to the image?

A: Artists always own the rights to their work. However a rule of Blisters is that the work is commissioned on an exclusive basis and cannot be reproduced at a later date as another screenprint or giclée, unless with Print Club London.

Q: If ownership remains with the artist, can the artist resell them elsewhere – for example, through independent shops?

A: No, the prints can only be sold via Print Club London.

Q: If the artist is not producing the prints themselves will Print Club London be producing them?

A: Artists are responsible for printing their own artwork. They can use our studios for free if they know how to print! If artists are unable to print they can ask Tuckshop London, our bespoke printing service. Please note that Tuckshop London do have limited capacity, so printing services will be offered on a first come first serve basis.