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Artist Spotlight: Clare Halifax


It’s time for another Artist Spotlight! This one with Clare Halifax a multi disciplined printer whose latest botanical collection has been flying out of our shop. We met at one of her places of inspiration, the Barbican for a coffee and a catch up.

Drawing Botanicals

Her most recognizable work is her detail orientated architectural and landscape pieces that are a personal juxtaposition of organic vs. manmade. By offering a wonderful perspective of known buildings from across the city Clare’s work connects with people. Allowing people to indentify with an area they love; a time, a place, a period of their lives they want to cherish, Clare creates all of that with her illustrative work.

Next colour is pink


Clare starts each piece with an initial hand rendered drawing then she has to move things digitally to help with repeating patterns and preparing the layers for screen-printing. She has been doing some very interesting things with framing and the use of negative space, with some of her vines and leaves just creeping on to the paper.


At the moment she is taking a break from buildings and having fun exploring an alphabet series with some unique colour choices. She hopes to return to architecture drawings again soon, missing the detail process and familiarity of drawing the world around her.

She can’t imagine doing anything else and why would we want her to! With great recommendations for contemporary artists and one of a kind cactus shops she is a very interesting conversationalist. Hope to talk again soon Clare.


Content & Imagery by Gabrielle Taylor