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Artist Outlook / Adam Bartlett

We are still just at the beginning of a brand new year and that means BRAND NEW art too! Adam Bartlett has just released one-off original pieces on our website and we can’t wait to show you them! Scroll down to read the Q + A and check out Adam’s art which will be sure to add a smile to your face!

Here We Are by Adam Bartlett
One-Off Original, £300

Size: 220 x 290mm

I worked for a fashion textiles studio in West London before moving onto illustration, I think ultimately I enjoy the freedom of painting though more than anything I have pursued creatively in the past.

I would say my art has perhaps abstract and illustrative elements fused together, I enjoy exploring different approaches however and you will notice in some of these new works the exploration of geometrics etc. Over the last 2 years i have been working on large scale murals which are super fun and the sense of achievement is wonderful.
As well as art i enjoy cooking, particularly Mediterranean and Asian food. My other love is that of music, I DJ out and about and play on the radio too.

Every year I feel so optimistic, the refresh button has been hit and you have a clean new year ahead of you, anything can happen and I enjoy that feeling of not knowing what ‘s around the corner.

Fluorescent Excitation I by Adam Bartlett
One-Off Original, £400

Size: 470 x 635 x 40mm

If you have an idea and the drive get started immediately, don’t waste any time thinking about things, the sooner you start creating the better, more ideas will follow and while things are relatively quiet, once the city starts moving again precious spare time will be taken up with other things, strike while the iron is hot I say.

I’m hoping to work on a collaborative piece with the artist Catherine Helie-Harvey. Catherine paints wonderful Leopards, Tigers and vibrant exploding foliage. I also wish to start working with a gallery in Los Angeles, initial talks are underway so fingers crossed.

Smash III by Adam Bartlett
One Off Original, £320

Size: 270 x 425 x 36mm

I sure do, I have 3 new paintings in various states of undress I can share with you.

Although 2020 was a tough year in that everyday things we take for granted were taken away and rightly so, you realise that creativity is a real blessing, I did want to watch films and play games though but in the end painting won and I was lucky enough to have access to the studio all year. Overall I had nothing to complain about in 2020, I actually warmed to the silence of the city and now feel I could make the move out of London, something I have never even considered before.

Over The Ocean by Adam Bartlett
One Off Original, £110

Size: 173 x 160 x 40mm

A holiday in the sun is the number one priority. One thing about 2020 is the amount of time I spent in the studio so a month’s holiday sipping cocktails and lounging around by the sea would be so amazing. I’m toying with the idea of doing some food on a friend’s boat, I love cooking and it would be great to have a little outdoor dining experience on the roof over summer.

Smash II by Adam Bartlett
One Off Original, £320

Size: 270 x 425 x 36mm