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Artist At Home // Rose Stallard

We have hundreds of limited edition art on our website and we wanted to give you a sneak peek into their studios and what they’ve been getting up to at the moment. And what better person to begin with than our Creative Director, Rose Stallard! Scroll to read the Q + A…

Rainbow by Rose Stallard

Edition of 50, £50

I’ve been in lockdown with my two boys and my partner, Paul. While Paul’s been at school teaching I’m home with the kids! In between homeschooling, general chaos and getting outside, I rotate between the living room table and squatting the boys desks.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts during lockdown and one I’d recommend is definitely ‘Grounded with Louis Theroux.’ Go and have a listen if you like podcasts!

Not being able to see the rest of my family!

Yes! I’ve been taking photos, I wanted to document and share my experience of the Lockdown.
Mostly of our afternoon walks and day to day life in the flat, and mostly the kids don’t mind me constantly taking photo’s of them ; ) Although not sure how long this will last!


I managed to get an edition of “I Love You” screen printed before lockdown, so I’ve been hand-finishing these off. I’ve also been getting back into taking photos and remembering how to thread a sewing machine.

I Love You by Rose Stallard

Open Edition, £50

David Newton! I love his bold and colourful, hand cut, hand drawn style. I recently spotted his new print ‘Shout Out For Sunshine’ which is uplifting and playful in the current time.

Shout Out For Sunshine by David Newton

Open Edition, £100

Go camping in the wild!

There’s not a lot of time in the day! I realised quite early on that any plans I had made, of getting lots of new work done, were perhaps not going to happen ; ) Two kids, homeschooling, daily exercise, blah blah, kind of gets in the way, but I manage to find time and my work does get done…eventually!