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Kingdom Exhibition – Caroline Tomlinson

Kingdom Exhibtion

One of our Miller Junction desk space members and Print Club artist Caroline Tomlinson has recently held her own solo show in Cape Town. The show was inspired by ‘Kingdom exhibition

Caroline TomlinsonKINGDOM TO WIDTH AT 2m_2

‘Fragments’ and Part 2 is called ‘Horizon’ – both are printed 100% silk, and hang 2meters in length, the pictures at the space should help give you an idea.

Inspired by the theme of the “Kingdom exhibition”

“Pantheism embodies the central belief that the universe and nature should be regarded with the deepest reverence; that “We are part of nature.”

At our death we will be reabsorbed into nature. We are at home in nature. The earth is where we make our paradise, not in an afterlife beyond the grave.

If nature is the only paradise, then our separation from nature and destruction thereof is the only hell.

Intrinsic to most indigenous tribal cultures is the belief that Nature is something we live within and as a part of . “There is no essential separation: no transcendental dualism, no Enlightenment search for objectivity, no Puritan fear of dangerous, chaotic nature”. Nature and ecology represent and include what are often the most important elements of indigenous peoples’ lifestyle. Fundamentally, the earth as the source of life is seen as the creator, a spiritual being. The land therefore is not only the source of all sustenance, but a definer of identity and place of spiritual grounding.