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A Spotlight on Neasden Control Centre

Today we are shining a spotlight on Stephen Smith, Neasden Control Centre.
Neasden’s work spans illustration, installation, motion and publishing. He has lectured, taught workshops, researched and exhibited in the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea, Russia and West Coast USA.
He has also started working on striking large scale fine art canvases and paintings, and some of these pieces are soon to be exhibited at the Hestercombe Gallery in Somerset.




Last year Print Club London worked closely with Neasden Control Centre to publish and produce the Expo collection.
Expo #1 and Expo #2 are 4 and 5 layer, limited edition screen prints, available exclusively through Print Club. 
Available individually or as a pair. The prints are limited to an edition of 50 and are priced at £80 each or £140 for the pair. Available HERE! 



Museum of Molten Maps was created for the Blisters Sound Session exhibtion 2014. Edition of 40, priced at £40.
Neasden on his process:
“They are essentially the result of a long process of reducing form through drawing. Often reworking the same drawing multiple times, in so doing creating new compositions. The starting point has been exploring the colour and energy of mid century era world fairs.”
We are excited to announce that we are currently working with the artist on a new collection, to ensure you don’t miss out our latest projects, collaboration and print releases, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on INSTAGRAM!!