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Tracey Emin & Edvard Munch // Royal Academy of Arts



Last week we visited the Royal Academy of Arts to take a tour of ‘The Loneliness of the Soul’. It had been two years since we saw Tracey Emin’s paintings in real life and we couldn’t wait to see them again!

Tracey Emin & Edvard Munch

‘The Loneliness of the Soul’

Royal Academy of Arts

18th May – 1st August

The Loneliness of the Soul is an exhibition of works by both Tracey Emin and Edvard Munch, it showcases the artists work side by side for the first time. Although born 100 years apart Emin recognises Munch as a ‘friend in art’.

The selection of Edvard Munch’ss work focuses on paintings and watercolours depicting the figure, particularly the female nude. Emin has always been drawn to the raw emotional content of Munch’s paintings. For this exhibition she looked through and archive of 800 paintings and 2000 watercolours before deciding on a selection of works that highlight vulnerability and loneliness.

We love how throughout the exhibition you can notice the similarities between their mark making and energy through painting.

Another great showcase of works by one of our favourite artists! Tickets for this show cost £17 and can be booked in advance here.


Back in the gallery we take a look at some of our favourite pieces celebrating the human figure…


Folded by Jessica Rose Bird




He Overthought by Gavin Dobson



Undress by Carolina Tomlinson