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Natalia Bagniewska // Print Club London


We are delighted to introduce you to the nostalgic and optimistic creations of London-based artist Natalia Bagniewska.

With the new year ahead, full of hope and new beginnings, Natalia seeks inspiration from the small, everyday things that make her happy. Flowers, breakfast, a bowl of fruit and a big shell bowl are among the small things in her life that inspire her daily. Accompanied by quotes and proverbs, she hopes the collection will bring some much needed joy and motivation to the world and for the year ahead.

Each of the motifs found in Natalia’s collection have been initially painted by the artist, before being carefully translated into handmade screenprints, created during her month in residence alongside our tutors and curators. A contrasting vintage colour palette and painterly mark-making evoke an atmospheric and uplifting sense to this collection, which we are so excited to share! 

Discover Natalia’s first collection of screenprints below, exclusive to Print Club London!

Tutti Frutti by Natalia Bagniewska
Edition of 20, £80

Natalia Bagniewska makes rich, atmospheric artworks marrying colour, still life and typography. She is a London based multi-disciplinary artist and designer who takes inspiration from her love of Polish folk art and graphic posters, as well as artists like Matisse and Hubert Hilscher. This rich pool of inspiration combined with her eye for colour and her interest in the everyday, help her create a world within her prints that evoke a nostalgic, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

Believe by Natalia Bagniewska
Edition of 15, £80

Blossom by Natalia Bagniewska
Edition of 20, £80

Wonderland by Natalia Bagniewska
Edition of 20, £80