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Members Spotlight // February

Members Spotlight

As you all know, our book gives you an insight into our Dalston studio but that’s just a tiny sampling of Print Club! Over the next few months we’ll be giving you a peek at some of the artists and illustrators who work tirelessly in our screen printing studio! If you want to be a part of all the action, we are always open to new members!

I’m an Illustrator based in London, and graduate of the Cambridge School of Art (2014)
My work is often a mixture of different media both traditional and digital, and I enjoy experimenting with techniques. I am influenced by Music, Pop-Art, travel, food and vintage food packaging. I like using bold and fun imagery to solve visual problems!

Name: Aleesha Nandhra

How long have you been a member: I took part in the Print-ern-ship in March 2016, and I have been teching/hanging-around/making mess since then!

What do you love about screen printing & Print Club: In terms of Print Club – it’s definitely the community, getting to see what other artists are working on, sharing tips and experiences. I’ve made lots of lovely friends being here. My favourite thing about printing is how it challenges my thinking when I am trying to put together an image.

What is your printing playlist: David Bowie is my playlist for everything…

Do you have any tips for a budding Screen Printer: When you’re starting off, allow yourself to make mistakes without feeling pressured. It’s better to learn from things early on. Also – if you have a frustrating day printing (it can happen sometimes!) don’t let the print studio intimidate you, get back in there and start having fun again!

Anne Cohen

Anne has been living and working in South London as a graphic designer for 6 years. After spending 3 months in California last year Anne fell in love with the light, colours, architecture and nature of the West Coast and decided to create a set of prints inspired by her travels. 

Name: Anne Cohen

How long have you been a member: Two Months.

What do you love about screen printing & Print Club: Everyone is super lovely and helpful!

What is your printing playlist: The Cactus Blossoms (they remind me of LA which is where I got the inspiration for my prints) and anything from the 80’s (always makes me happy!)
Liz-Whiteman-SmithLiz is a freelance printmaker and artist, currently living in London. She has been inspired by her travels around the world and is drawn to the quirky playful and unusual. She creates series of multi-layered screen prints working from her own photographs and drawings. She is a member of The Printmakers Council, Print Club London, Southbank Printmakers Gallery, Studio 73 and Espacio Gallery where she organises a group of artists to put on an exhibition each year. 

Name: Liz Whiteman-Smith

How long have you been a member: I came to a workshop taught by the charming Craig four years ago, was hooked and have been coming back ever since as often as I can.

What do you love about screen printing: While there are often new people at Print Club there are always the same friendly faces willing to lend a hand or give you advice. Printing is never dull, you are always learning and developing. I just love printing, it makes me happy to draw something and turn it into a screen print.

What is your printing playlist: I like to print to upbeat chilled out music like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, more recent music like Foo fighters or any rock from the 80s.

Liz Whiteman Smith

Cactus Love by Liz Whiteman-Smith // Lithops and Friends by Liz Whiteman-Smith

Edition of 50, £60 // Edition of 50, £60

To find out more how you can become a member of our 24-hour studio click here.