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Igshaan Adams // Hayward Gallery

We loved discovering the work of Igshaan Adams in their exhibition ‘Kicking Dust’ at Hayward Gallery.

Igshaan Adams

Hayward Gallery

19th May – 25th July 2021

Combining weaving, sculpture and installation Igshaan Adams work explores themes of race, religion and sexuality. For their new exhibition of works the pieces centre around the idea of footprints we leave behind when we move through spaces.

The exhibition title ‘ Kicking Dust’ stems from a dance from the Northern Cape which Adams viewed when he was younger. The dance is thought to be one of the oldest dances from the region and dancers can be seen kicking dust up into clouds.

The gallery is hung with large scale woven tapestries along the walls, sculpted cloud forms suspended from the ceiling and a hand woven floor covering. Exploring the theme of movement, pathways have been created through the installation with the placement of these floor weavings. The artist refers to these as ‘desire lines’; mapped from improvised footpaths on the borders of town and cities were residents forge their own paths instead of following set routes. We really loved how this installation allows the viewer to choose their own direction and order of viewing the works.

Many of the pieces in the exhibition are woven artworks, taking different forms and shapes. Igshaan Adams collaborated with a group of refugee women to produce the works. With the dramatic shift during the pandemic, many of these women could no longer rely on selling their crafts at local flea markets so Adams worked with them to develop their skills and enhance products they have already produced.

The large scale weavings feature religious designs, islamic motifs and geometric patterns. With this the artist refers to ‘the islamic belief that geometry can purify the mind and soul’. By combining different coloured yarns, beads and textures the idea of creating pathways through spaces is further emphasised with the intricate detail in the woven fabric.

With the shadows cast from low hanging cloud sculptures and the textured floor weavings, the installation is fully immersive and takes the viewer directly into the craftsmanship of the artist. Kicking Dust runs at the Hayward Gallery until the 25th of July and you can book tickets here. Tickets cost £18 and also include access to the film screening of work by Matthew Barney.


We loved the craftsmanship of Igshaan’s installation  and how he explores humans movement within spaces. Inspired by this exhibition we have chosen some of our favourite prints in the gallery that portray landscapes through the craft of print making .