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Coming Up // David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint Show

David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint Show Print Club London

Print Club London would like to proudly present to you our latest joint exhibition by artists David Shand and Isabella Cotier.

Join us in our Dalston gallery for an exciting evening of art, where we will be showcasing their contrasting styles with a curated selection of works by each artist, including screenprints, ceramics, originals and more.

Combining Isabella’s loose, illustrative drawings with David’s torn, collaged pieces, the exhibition will feature a curated selection of works by each artist, all available to purchase on the opening night.


Date: Thursday 25th May 2017

Time: 6 – 9pm

Location: Print Club London Gallery, 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS

Click attending to our event here.


Featured Artists in the show:

David Shand Poster Girl

‘Poster Girl’ // Edition of 50, £85


David Shand is best known for his subverted imagery of torn and decayed posters. His work explores how visual advertising loses its commercial message through time and decay and how new pleasing imagery and meanings emerge.

“I found myself drawn to old posters on the underground and I began photographing them. I found something very appealing about how these carefully crafted posters had become unshackled from what they were selling and their imagery had become random, abstract and playful.”

David works in screenprint and collage and often combines both for editions and one-off works. He has sold his work through Printclub, Atom Gallery, Studio 73, East End prints, The London Affordable Artfair and the Druck Berlin Screenprint Festival. David trained as a graphic designer and has worked in design and illustration in London for 20 years.


Rain-blo Bubble Gum David Shand Print Club London

‘Rain-blo Bubble Gum’ // Edition of 50, £150

Image Missing Riley David Shand

Image Missing // Edition of 7

Riley // Edition of 7

Available on the opening night


Isabella Cotier

Pink Polka Dots Isabella Cotier Print Club London

‘Pink Polka Dots’ // Edition of £50, £220


Since graduating from the London College of Fashion with a BA in Illustration, Isabella has been freelancing as an illustrator. Growing up in Florence, Italy she was surrounded by and taught a more traditional way of drawing. Some of her clients have included H&M, Fortnum and Mason, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood.

“My main point of interest is portraying people through expressive, unrestricted line. I want my drawings to remain loose. With the ubiquity of technology and today’s tendencies toward Photoshopping and over editing, I like to play on my impulsivity, and never shy away from imperfections. I draw from life when and where ever I can, whether at live concerts or theatre productions, movement and performance is a theme I will come back to time and again.”

“At the moment I am working on a project where I invite friends and strangers to my studio to be drawn. During the visits I quickly create a dozen or so drawings to capture their presence in line. I then work further to develop the drawings once the model has left and depend on my memory and the drawings for reference. It’s interesting to see what the memory chooses to remember about a person…”

Isabella Cotier Red Roses‘Red Roses’ // Edition of 50, £220


Red Bottle Black Mug Isabella Cotier


Isabella Cotier

Various still life scenes from Isabella’s sketchbook