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Andrew MacGregor: The Celebration of an Icon

Long term Print Club artist and studio member Andrew MacGregor’s latest exhibition is inspired by the nostalgic and inviting symbolism that the pineapple has evoked through the centuries. For his exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery he will be presenting his latest sculptural and hand-painted work, ranging from a mixed media installation of new paper sculptures and large scale paintings, to an animated video.
“I first started painting stylised pineapples whilst in between jobs back in 2008…something that had no plan, and I had no expectations of it ever becoming anything more.
A few years later I decided to have a speculative print run of 50 produced.
It took the Print Club by storm and I have never looked back.”


Andrew MacGregor Exhibition Pineapple Screen Print


With the growing social unrest, there is a need to remember the beauty in our cultural influences and how we have adopted this exotic plant as a global symbol of hospitality.
Andrew MacGregor is an established paper sculptor and illustrator. Known to Print Club London followers for his bold, bright, limited edition screen prints of the glorious and timeless pineapple, we are super exited to see the these prints take on life in the form of three dimensional artworks!!


Andy MacGregor exhibition Print Club London

“The pineapple has boomed in popularity and I’ve developed a unique way to make them into wall sculptures using my most favourite of materials, paper.
I’ve always admired the Pineapple and still look at them as though I’ve never seen one before. They’re beautifully strange things with an extremely colourful history and this is in essence why they have become one of the most important subjects in my work”


Andy MacGregor exhibition print club london

Andy MacGregor exhibition print club london

MacGregor’s first ever golden pineapple sculpture was created exclusively for last years Affordable Art Fair Battersea with Print Club and sold within hours on the opening.
The exhibition opens next Tuesday 24th May at the Fitzrovia gallery 5.30pm – 9pm
May 24th – June 4th 2016 // Open daily 10am-6pm
You can view and purchase the artist’s full collection of limited edition, screen prints from our online gallery HERE!! See you at the show!!