Free Lucille Clerc Calendar!!

Get a free limited edition Lucille Clerc calendar for 2015. Lucille Clerc is a generous artist! For any purchase over £180 of her artwork, you will receive a free screen printed calendar. ‘Season Swatches’ 2015 Wall Calendar 644 x 600 mm /// Edition of 100 /// Signed   More of Lucille’s artwork here.  


Gift Ideas For Friends

No one has friends ‘one size fits all’ and neither do we when it comes to our artists and prints. From graphic text to hand-printed detailed illustrations, we have everything.  Egg and Soldiers /// Claudia Borfiga 500mm x 700mm /// £70 ____ We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About /// Giulio Miglietta 420mm […]


Gift Ideas for Him

Always the hardest we know! Fear not, we’ve got a great selection of male friendly festive prints to make this year easy.  M is for Master and Slave /// Cassandra Yap 594 x 420 mm /// £30 Print part of a larger collection, see artist’s profile. ____ B is for Bondage /// Cassandra Yap 594 x […]


Gift Ideas For Her

“Stick to the list” is what keeps us safe and probably what we are used to hearing!NOT THIS YEAR!  Shrine I /// Rosie Emerson 850 x 350 mm /// £295 ____ Shrine 2 /// Rosie Emerson 850 x 350 mm /// £295 ____ Woman, Fig 18 – With Suitcase /// Joanna Ham 760 x 560 […]


Print Club is treating you for Christmas!

We have a gift for you to reward your loyalty to Print Club over the year 2014!! For any print order over £100, we will give you a free print valued at £49. Anthony Peters /// Open Heart 420 x 297 mm   Scroll through our news post to find the best gift ideas for […]


Made You Look

  Print Club London are proud to get their hands on the limited edition print created by Anthony Peters of Look & Yes, designed in collaboration by Anthony Burrill and Hattie Stewart printed at Print Club London.   Made You Look is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. Via candid […]


Vouchers Available

Vouchers always seem like an easy answer when you’re running out of ideas, but they’re absolutely the perfect gift for some! Choosing pieces of art to put in your home or office can be really personal and we know that getting it right for someone is sometimes tricky. Giving someone the opportunity to choose from […]


Print Club Desk Space Available!

If you’re looking for creative desk space in East London, pop in and have a look around our studios in Dalston! Alongside our busy print studio, we have Miller’s Junction, a cosy studio for illustrators, designers, writers and other creative professionals. There are lovely areas for private meetings, comfy chats and relaxed lunches, kitchen essentials, […]