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London Street Art by Donk

We decided to take to the streets to see what our artist Donk has been pasting up in London recently.
Donk, a well-known street artist of Print Club London combines original photography, printmaking and hand finishing techniques and has been placing his work onto the streets since 2008.
His images are often inhabited by his family & friends who take on the various roles within his work. The strongly evocative and anachronistic images remix urban history and culture, across a time line of his own making, at once referencing the past and the contemporary to make playful connections between universal themes of human strength, vulnerability and the passage of time.
Below are a few of our favourite paste ups he has been working on.
Site-specific paste-up to fit the gap between the two fly-overs under the bridges on Lee River. The image is called ‘Higher Ground’ and depicts a lone female figure standing on top of a tower of debris, which is gradually being reclaimed by the wild.
Collaboration wall/ceiling at Leak street tunnel withBen Rider,Fatherless | A Print Posse, Aida Wilde and Meanglean
‘The Bottle’ Limited edition screen print, available here!! 
‘Play Nice’ in Shoreditch.
You can own Donk’s paste up style by purchasing one of his limited edition screen prints from our online gallery here.