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Tracey Emin // A Fortnight of Tears

Tracey Emin White Cube Gallery


We headed to the opening of a Fortnight of Tears by Tracey Emin at the White Cube.  The show encompasses the entire gallery and this major exhibition includes sculpture, painting, photography and video. There’s also an intimate look at Emins’ personal diaries and sketchbooks, giving a deep look into the artists emotive larger scale pieces.


Tracey Emin


White Cube Gallery

6th February – 7th April 2019

In her new paintings Tracey Emin explores the human form and emotions of loss, anxiety and physical trauma through energetic mark making and a subdued palette. Deep red blood stain tones and muted pinks show the connection between birth and death as she reflects on powerful events from her past .


Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin White Cube


The female form is also celebrated through large bronze sculptures such as The Mother and two other sculptures domineering the main gallery. The elongated limbs and distorted figures resemble the same fluid energy of her canvas paintings and there is an element of passion and angst within the pieces. The exhibition also shows an intimate look into her sketchbooks and diaries, with drawings and anecdotes from her archives.




Tracey Emin


This exhibition is a truly in depth exploration of Tracey Emins work and we highly recommend taking a trip South of the river to see it.

A Fortnight of Tears is on display at the White Cube in Bermondsey until the 7th of April 2019.


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