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Squaremeal Wedding // Workshop Feature

The guys at Squaremeal have kindly featured our Beginners Workshops in their  Weddings Magazine for Planners and Brides To Be! We’ve been featured alongside doughnut making classes and Make Your Own Gin Classes.

Squaremeal Wedding Workshop

Check out their magazine here!

If you have little or no previous screen printing experience then our Beginners Workshop is ideal place for you to learn!

In the workshop you will learn how to screenprint your own one layer/one colour design and go through the whole process from digital image to pulling the squeegee. Our technicians will talk you through the history of screenprinting, you will be taught how to artwork in Photoshop and get your design ready to put onto your screen. You will have a go at coating a screen with photo emulsion, expose your design  and then learn about different inks, squeegees and print a small print run!

To see our Beginners Workshop avaliabilty click here!